Encoding Video for Plex Direct Play

How to encode video files to ensure Direct Play from Plex running on pretty much anything, but in this example a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

This focuses on h264 and selecting the right Profile and Level both for your server and your playback device, but h265/HEVC works the same way.

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Unity and Playmaker

Now that I have an agent that I can move around the map, the next step is to get it moving between a resource point and a drop-off point. I can program that behaviour myself (I won’t comment on the quality of my solution but I know I can do it), but one of the reasons to use Unity is its plugin ecosystem so I wanted to see what options were available for creating a Finite State Machine.

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Starting Forest Stories

I’ve started working on a game in Unity. I want to learn more about Unity, and I don’t want to commit to a full game idea because it’ll inevitably get complicated while I’m still just learning how to do basic things. Like my last project, I want a simple idea that I can work on and not feel like a failure if I don’t complete it.

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Things I Learned Prototyping a Game in Unity

In August 2019 I started learning Unity by creating a small tactical turn-based combat game. Think an incredibly simplified XCOM. I would love to make an actual game that mimics XCOM’s combat but this project was only ever meant to be a prototype to teach me the basics of Unity and it accomplished that quite nicely. I got pretty far with the project and now that I’ve started a new one I’ve decided to write down the lessons I learned.

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Enabling private networking on Digital Ocean with Kubernetes and Kubeadm

What will I learn from this?

How to ensure you are using Private Networking with your Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean.

While learning how to launch a Kubernetes cluster I read a blog post where as part of their instructions for setting up a Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean they enabled Private Networking on their droplets. They then did nothing to actually tell Kubernetes to use private networking. It then took me a bit of reading to figure out how to fix that, so hopefully this post makes that problem easier to search for.

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